Steven Burke


Sustainability Manager


  • Steven offers consultation and documentation management for the LEED process
  • Oversees project teams, clients, and consultants in delivering sustainable designs, applications, and documentation
  • Facilitates office-wide initiatives for advancing sustainable design processes
  • Researches regulatory policies and best practices to keep SMMA up to date on the latest in green-building trends

Drawn to an Integrated Firm

“I became interested in SMMA because of the many different project types the firm specializes in,” Steven explains, “It’s a unique place because of the variety of clients we partner with on sustainable initiatives. I was drawn to the integration between architects and engineers. Here, I can work directly with engineers when I have questions. It makes everything more efficient.”

“Historically, architectural design happens in a more linear way: the architect designs and then the engineer takes the design and makes it fit. Sustainable design requires collaboration from the start. It’s not just about fitting the most efficient technology in a set design; it’s about building sustainability into the design,” Steven says. “This collaboration helps us create a better end product, both in terms of energy efficiency and design.”

Scaling Sustainability

Zinc was a remarkable project because of its size (half a million square feet!) and its scope (an urban residential tower in Cambridge's brand new NorthPoint community),” says Steven. "We scrutinized every detail to optimize energy efficiency without sacrificing amenities for this high-end residential building. I was responsible for visiting the site during construction. It was a great experience, watching it come together to a fully occupied building that’s now sustainable.”