Steve Shetler


Associate | Senior Project Architect


  • Steve’s responsibilities include managing design work, focusing on the initial interviewing, acquisition, and early programming and design phases 
  • Specializes in higher education and K-12 projects
  • Excels in coordinating large and diverse teams, inspiring ownership and fostering creativity 
  • Applies his articulate, driven, and people-oriented approach to inspire all participants to contribute ideas freely and achieve a project’s goal effectively

Steve Shetler

Passion for Performance Spaces 

Steve specializes in designing athletics, recreation, and performing/fine arts spaces for schools and universities, and has contributed this skill to SMMA’s work designing Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s varsity athletic spaces; Providence College’s Schneider Arena addition; and West Springfield High School’s elevated exercise track, multi-purpose athletic and dance space, performing arts facility, and mini-theater. 

“These are dynamic spaces,” he explains, “where performer and audience experiences are heightened by the surroundings. The young performer is a source of great inspiration. For example, I want a young school girl’s experience performing a line in a play—as well as that of her parents and other loved ones watching—to be beautiful and compelling and hopefully inspire in her a lifelong interest in the arts.” 

Surrounded by Creativity 

“I have a distinct appreciation for the idea. At SMMA, we have the great opportunity to collaborate and solicit ideas from people working outside of their normal disciplines,” says Steve. “These new perspectives are a source of our vitality, and inform our distinctive design capabilities.

"It can sometimes be challenging to draw others out and encourage them to share ideas freely, but there’s an expectation here that we’re all involved. We contribute our talents and creativity openly.” 


As for Steve, the ideas that he shares are often found in his daily life. For example, the door handle of his mother’s 1975 Mercury Monarch was the inspiration for one school’s theater design.