Michael Coppola

Senior Associate | Manager, Mechanical Engineering


  • Michael manages the Mechanical Engineering Department, supervising operations, workload distribution, schedules, and professional development 
  • Provides system designs and construction administration
  • Draws on his experience designing, sizing, and selecting systems for heating plants, cooling plants, and air-handling units to ensure high-quality system design 
  • Strengthens client relationships and fosters a dynamic, collaborative department 

Passion for High-Tech Spaces 

Michael’s project engineering work focuses on commercial and academic projects. “I really enjoy designing more complex systems for high-tech spaces, whether it’s for a university or a corporation,” he says. One highlight is his work on Lorain County Community College’s SMART Commercialization Center for Microsystems

“We designed and constructed a BioMEMs research facility, utlilizing Class 100 and Class 1000 cleanroom environments. The challenges involved in developing such high-tech spaces and ensuring that they coordinate with the other spaces throughout the building were considerable, but also very exciting. We really flexed our engineering muscles on this one—and have a great final product to show for it.” 

Focus on Growth

“The Mechanical Engineering Department’s growth is a real point of pride,” explains Michael.

“Along with bringing several great people on board, we’ve focused on streamlining how we use technology—as well as updating and building up our standards, specifications, and control diagrams. We’re making progress and benefitting from an attitude of continuous improvement.” 


“Everyone on our team is very smart and capable. I find that my management style is mostly about getting out of their way, promoting a sense of teamwork, and encouraging lifelong learning.”