Joseph Dinis

Plumbing/Fire Protection Designer


  • Joe provides analysis of building, fire, life safety, and code requirements 
  • Coordinates fire protection and plumbing professionals for a variety of projects
  • Harnesses over 24 years of experience in all phases of engineering, design, and construction, as well as his expertise in fire protection and plumbing codes 
  • Draws on his organized, communicative, and team-orientated approach in growing SMMA’s Providence office and ensuring project success

Collaborative Focus

Joe admires SMMA’s integrative, collaborative culture, as well as the interconnectedness among the firm’s offices. “I enjoy working at the Providence office,” says Joseph. “We support each other and share the workload well. We frequently travel to Cambridge for face-to-face collaboration, and use technology for daily communication.” 

“SMMA is a very team-oriented place,” he explains. “I feel that everyone is working together toward the same goal. Over the past year, our Providence team has grown substantially, and with each new person and project, our talent pool gets deeper and our experience becomes more extensive.”

Growing Interest

“I have always enjoyed breaking down machines and learning how they work,” he explains. “In high school, I excelled in math and mechanical drafting. I then went to night school to earn my degree while working full-time in construction. A friend told me about an opening at an MEP firm, and even though I had never worked in this industry, I was interested. I got the job, and I’ve been in this field ever since.” 

“This industry is interesting because there’s always a challenge—nothing is ever repetitive,” says Joseph. “The challenges are what keep me going.”