Ian Folger

Communications Specialist


  • Ian’s responsibilities include researching, creating, and coordinating content for SMMA’s website, social media platforms, press releases, and other outbound communications
  • Strengthens SMMA’s growing marketing team by defining and developing the communications strategy and honing the firm’s message and brand identity
  • Manages SMMA’s website updates, content creation, and revisions
  • Harnesses his extensive writing and editorial experience, as well as his considered, dedicated, and team-oriented approach, to deliver effective, insightful communications

Strategic Communications

“When I first joined SMMA, I worked primarily on proposals,” says Ian. “That allowed me to dive into the business and not only learn about everything we do, but also how exactly we want to portray ourselves—our people, our projects, and the expertise here. I previously wrote for an asset valuation services business, and coming to this industry represented a significant change for me. I really enjoy the fast pace and the freedom to be creative here.”

“At SMMA, there’s no shortage of thought leadership, ideas, or energy. My job is to showcase this effectively and strategically,” he explains. “The launch of our new website represents the latest and most significant step toward our building a very robust communications effort that will be crucial in highlighting our design success and displaying our firm culture.”

Running for Inspiration

Although he feeds off the energy in the office, he finds that his best writing and ideas sometimes come during moments of quiet inspiration—like during long runs. A veteran of several marathons in Boston and London, he credits running as a means of helping him stay centered and focused. "It's zen-like for me,” he says. “Occasionally, when I'm stuck for an idea, I'll lace up my shoes and head out for a run, and it'll come to me."