Henry Ricciuti


Senior Associate | Senior Architect


  • Hank’s responsibilities include offering architectural and construction administration services for a variety of projects and clients
  • Excels at ensuring a successful final project with his hands-on, detail-oriented approach 
  • Thrives at developing—and maintaining—strong, long-term relationships with clients and expert tradesmen throughout construction challenges 
  • Considers his role more in the line of the traditional architect as a “master builder”  
  • Mentors younger architects by inspiring a sense of ownership and offering challenging projects 

Designing a Gem

One of Hank’s favorite projects is SMMA’s work on Quincy High School. “The new building is a point of pride for the city and a symbol of the vibrant community it serves,” he explains. “It certainly had its challenges— the logistics of staging students in temporary areas during construction and creating a design that connected with Quincy. We forged very strong connections and client relationships—and designed a true gem for the City.”

Appreciation for Construction and Craftsmanship 

Hank emphasizes the importance of contractors, subcontractors, and craftsmen to a project’s success. “Construction work still has a high degree of artisanship to it,” he says. “A talented, dependable woodworker, for example, offers an outstanding skill that adds to the final product immeasurably.” 

“For construction administration to be successful—for our design to go from a drawing to a reality—it’s vital to invest in these relationships. In showing our appreciation for their work and by being communicative and dependable, I find that contractors and tradesmen are always eager to give us their best work.”