Ahmed Aly

Senior Designer


  • Ahmed provides design services across all architecture studios, helping to conceptualize vision, elevate overall design, and create final renderings and visual representations
  • Draws on his extensive training and experience in international architecture to advance design and development concepts  
  • Promotes collaborative discussion, believing that collectiveness improves the process
  • Harnesses his thoughtful, inquisitive, and people-oriented approach to produce successful design

Ahmed Aly

Landscape of Hope

When the U.S. World War One Centennial Commission opened a design competition for a memorial in Washington, DC, Ahmed led the SMMA team in preparing a design entry. His proposed space inspires contemplation, learning, and a sense of our shared humanity—he named it “Landscape of Hope.”

“This project was special for several reasons,” Ahmed explains. “I had the opportunity to work with SMMA colleague Ted Szostkowski, and learned so much from his approach to design using an understanding of history, place, and purpose. I was able to push myself, as well as my conceptual and rendering abilities.”

Passion for Social Justice

Ahmed’s graduate work focused on architecture as a tool to promote equality. He has worked with several nonprofit organizations, offering design knowledge and planning expertise. “Architecture may not be able to solve the world’s problems,” he says, “but it can provide examples of how thoughtful design can improve lives and inspire social change.” Ahmed finds that his commitment to social justice influences his design work for SMMA’s clients. “It helps me think more about the people who will use the space,” he explains. “The focus is always people.”