Example of Special Education Classroom

Inclusion and the Typical Classroom

Special education is an umbrella under which many niche groups reside. When a district adopts a policy of inclusion, many special needs students spend most of their day in general education classrooms, with both a special education teacher and a classroom teacher.

Landscape of Hope

Ahmed Aly

The U.S. World War One Centennial Commission recently held an open design competition for a planned memorial on Washington, DC’s Pennsylvania Avenue. Inspired, Ahmed Aly utilized his rendering and conceptual abilities to create a submission that he entitled “Landscape of Hope.” 

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Materials from School Design

Resources for Materials Transparency


In recent years, a new concept of what it means to define a building product as “sustainable” has taken hold. Focus has shifted to consider whole-life (i.e., “cradle to grave”) environmental impact, prioritizing the disclosure of ingredients that may be hazardous to human health. 

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Designing the Athletic Experience

Steve Shetler, AIA

The past twenty-five years have seen significant growth in athletic and recreational development on college campuses. Faced with aging facilities common to many campus structures, institutions have been forced to come to terms with the many factors changing the scope and physical requirements for athletic facilities and on-campus recreational provisions.

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Living for the City

Anne Loiselle, AIA

The appeal of urban life in a modern context continues to grow stronger by the day. Trendy mixed-use developments have highlighted the fact that any area can be “up and coming,” if the right amenities and conveniences are planned into the project. This is driving more developers to think about how to build an entire work-live-play experience.

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