Example of Special Education Classroom

Inclusion and the Typical Classroom

Kate Jessup, RA

Special education is an umbrella under which many niche groups reside. When a district adopts a policy of inclusion, many special needs students spend most of their day in general education classrooms, with both a special education teacher and a classroom teacher.

Urban Transformation

Mark Spaulding, AIA, LEED AP & Michael Pardek, AIA

In 2012, SMMA collaborated with developer DivcoWest to provide an architectural vision in response to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ request for the purchase and redevelopment of a former courthouse in Cambridge. 

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Defining the Heart of the Campus

Ted Szostkowski, AIA

A student center serves as a campus’s heart. It is reflective of the school’s culture, and is a place for students to go day and night, a place for fellowship, for engagement, for gathering...

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Embodying the Spirit of Collaboration

Andrew Elliott, ASLA

Not all landscape architects and civil engineers are cut from the same cloth; however, the methodologies employed by each profession when tackling design challenges tend to be somewhat consistent.

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Designing for ALL

Kate Jessup, RA

As architects, it is our primary responsibility to design for the health, safety, and general welfare of our clients. When we design schools, however, our primary focus shifts from the client to the end user—the students.  

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