Effective engineering design is best realized when practiced as a collaboration. As an integrated design firm, we can attest to the benefits of a broadly composed team. Working across multiple disciplines and sharing information throughout the design process is second nature to our MEP engineers.

Complex Environments

Our team is skilled in the planning, programming, and design of labs, cleanrooms, data centers, and clean manufacturing spaces. A deep knowledge based gained through decades of experience informs our engineering design and aids in our delivery of sustainable outcomes for schools, office environments, and campus facilities.

Creativity and Innovation

At SMMA, we embrace the idea that engineering can be as creative as architecture. Whether designing and testing high-performance building systems or custom-engineering applications unique to a specific user group, we understand how to balance up-front capital costs for building systems with our clients' goals and longer-term needsincluding spatial and aesthetic requirements.


Modern Living, Smart-Growth Development

A LEED NC Silver-certified building, Zinc’s heating and air-conditioning system comprises high-efficiency water-source heat pumps. Ventilation is provided by rooftop energy-recovery ventilators, which double as a means of controlling building pressurization and exhaust from the individual apartments. In addition to energy efficiency, the mechanical system was designed for ease of operability and maintenance. 

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Center of Excellence

SMMA modeled the electrical design such that additional unit substations with large transformers could be inserted into the system in back-of-house electrical rooms when the load dictates, leaving the electrical infrastructure in the labs and data centers intact. The goal was reducing the downtime—which results in revenue loss—required for additional power increases, while eliminating disturbances to the built environment. 

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Plumbing/Fire Protection

A Whole New Ballgame

The field needs to drain quickly in a rainstorm, but the garage must remain dry. SMMA plumbing engineers assisted in the coordination of the storm drainage system, ensuring that, regardless of the weather conditions, the garage is unaffected, and no pooling occurs on field-level. The incorporation of on-field drinking fountains/bottle-fillers and “hidden” sanitary plumbing vent termination points were among the additional design contributions made by the Plumbing/Fire Protection Group.

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Join Our Team!

We are always looking for talented, motivated individuals who thrive on collaboration and are passionate about design. If you think you'd be a good fit, we'd love to hear from you. Visit our Careers page to check out our open positions.

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